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 Bug Club - Screen Shots: Yun and The Fire Dragon, Mae in the Middle: Music Master!

eBook spread 1: Yun and the Fire Demon – Purple level --- eBook spread 2: Mae in the Middle – Music Master – Lime level

 Bug Club - Screen Shots: Yun and The Fire Dragon, Mae in the Middle: Music Master!
Each Bug Club eBook has interactive quizzes to help pupils earn Bug Points which in turn become rewards such as stickers and game
 Bug Club - Screen Shots: Reception Pupil homepage, Bug Club screen
Pupils have their own beautifully designed homepage on the Bug Club website where they can access their Bug Club books both in school and at home.
 Bug Club - Screen Shots from online reading programme.
 As a reward for completing the Phonics Bug quizzes, children earn Bug points which convert into rewards such as virtual stickers or items to populate a virtual tree house

While every book in Bug Club is also available electronically, the eBook is not just a digital version of its print counterpart. Each book is chock-full of fun quiz questions for the children to answer as they go along, giving their reading even more purpose, allowing them to earn reward points, and providing invaluable feedback to you the teacher!

For children - exciting eBooks and Bug Points to collect

Phonics Bug - Reception Pupil Homepage|Each child has their own personalised homepage in Bug Club's online reading world, where they can choose their own avatar, read new eBooks allocated to them, re-read eBooks they've read before and collect and view rewards linked to their reading progress.

Phonics Bug - Screenshot: Interactive games look at Sounds, letters, Reading, Spelling and Language. E.g. Listen to the word then click on your answer. June, Jar, Jail.|Children earn rewards by completing the fun interactive quizzes in each book to earn Bug Points, and then trade in their Bug Points for cool stuff like certificates, interactive games and outfits for their avatars. There are up to 9 quizzes in each eBook, written specifically to link to different APP Assessment Focuses.

Phonics Bug - Screenshot: My Rewards, Pupils interactive screen based reading resource.|The fun tracking system allows each child to complete the quizzes at their own pace and see how many Bug Points they are collecting in relation to their answers. This instant feedback is a great motivator for children and the rich assessment data gathered is automatically sent to the teacher.


For teachers - easy eBook allocation and excellent teaching tools

Bug Club's online reading world is full of innovative teacher support to save you time and help create the buzz around reading that will encourage your children to read more and to read for pleasure.

Your Teacher Homepage gives you access to all 200+ Bug Club eBooks. From here you can easily allocate them to individual pupils or use them in a whole-class teaching session with additional annotation and edit-the-text tools.

You can search for eBooks by Book Band level, phonic phase or Reading Recovery level and refine your search by Assessment Focus or genre so you'll always be able to find exactly the right eBook for the right child.

Brilliant reporting tools give you automatic feedback linked to Assessment Focuses for each eBook quiz children complete and you can quickly and easily see how much, and how successfully each child is reading outside the classroom.

Bug Club - Screenshots: Home reading Feedback for the teacher. Reports can collate the child’s Assessment Focus progress at Book Band level using a traffic light system detailing how many tries it took the child to answer correctly. Reports at child-level|A simple traffic light system indicates how many attempts a child needed to answer the quiz questions correctly, helping you to pinpoint areas they need support with, and reports at class level offer invaluable insights into problem areas across the class to help inform your whole-class sessions.


For parents - joined-up home and school learning

Each Bug Club reader includes helpful, jargon-free notes to help parents support their child's reading at home and Bug Club's online reading world is great for parents too.

From their child's personalised Bug Club homepage, parents can understand where their child is they are in terms of their reading ability and find out what they can do to help them, such as hearing their child read aloud, listening together to the eBook narration, or simply sharing in their delight as they complete the online quizzes and earn more Bug Points.


  • 189 Bug Club eBooks 
  • Online Guided Reading cards 
  • Online activity sheets 
  • Each eBook at Key Stage 1 includes audio narration 
  • The ability to allocate eBooks to each pupil based on their individual needs


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