Bug Club Teacher Materials

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 Bug Club - Screen Shots: Bug Club web pages.
Image 1: You can allocate finely levelled Bug Club eBooks to each of your children on an individual level. --- Image 2: You can allocate finely levelled Bug Club eBooks to your class or groups within your class
 Bug Club - Screen Shots: Assessment and Reporting using whole class Teaching software.
Image 1: The Reporting screen shows, at a glance, the last 10 books a pupil has read and how well they scored on the quizzes. --- Image 2: These graphs show a detailed breakdown of how many quizzes a pupil has taken within a particular Book Band and how well they scored in these quizzes. 
 Bug Club - Photocopiable Activity Sheets
A small selection of just some of the fun and engaging activity sheets from Bug Club 
 Bug Club - Screen Shot: Parents Help page, Mr Slime Activity Sheet.

Image 1: Parent’s Help is available via the Bug Club website, providing tips for parents on how best to support their child with reading. --- Image 2: Each Bug Club reader contains brilliant support for parents, with plenty of jargon-free parent notes, independent reading tips and quick games to play with their children as they read their Bug Club books at home.

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Bug Club is full of innovative teacher support to save you time and give you theassurance that you’re doing everything you need for your children to become brilliant readers.

At the click of a button, you can allocate books to your children, while building up a real picture of their extra-curricular reading, gauge their reading skills, and even see how they rate each book for enjoyment!

Planning & Assessment guides

- Bug Club – Example of Teachers Guide: Running Records and Assessing Pupils Progress.|A Planning & Assessment Guide for each year of Bug Club includes comprehensive lesson plans for whole-class reading sessions, guided reading notes for every title and running records to help you and your Teaching Assistants with group sessions. There are plenty of ideas for speaking, listening and writing, as well as guidance on gathering evidence for APP. 



Guided Reading Cards

Bug Club – Example of Teachers Guide: Shawn the Sheep, Too Many Jobs.

Every title comes with free guided reading notes when bought as a guided reading 6-pack. These cards give you a plot summary, a ‘walkthrough’ to help you prepare children ahead of reading, and specific ‘during reading’ and ‘after reading’ activities linked to reading objectives and curriculum focuses. In addition to this there are ideas for speaking and listening & writing activities linked to the book, including ‘phonics for writing’ activities.


Reporting through the online platform

Bug Club - Screenshots: Home reading Feedback for the teacher. Reports can collate the child’s Assessment Focus progress at Book Band level using a traffic light system detailing how many tries it took the child to answer correctly. Reports at child-level|The reporting tools in Bug Club online show how far a child has got with their allocated books and how well they’ve managed to answer the embedded quiz questions linked to assessment focuses. A traffic light system shows how many tries it took for a child to answer correctly giving you an idea of where they need support. You can pull of reports for individual children or for the class as a whole, to help you direct your lesson planning. Children are even asked to rate each book they read using a smiley face system, so you have an idea of what kinds of book to allocate in future.


Teacher materials:
  • 76 Guided Reading Cards
  • Teaching Guide for book bands blue to gold.
  • Access to the online allocation and reporting platform


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