Sound Discovery - The Programme

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Sound Discovery - Teaching Resources: Phonics first Books, Early Years Alphabet.

Sound Discovery Additional Materials Starter Pack

Sound Discovery - Teaching Resources: Precision Monitoring Book 1, Sound Discover Words and Sentences, Reading and Dictation.

Sound Discovery Core Materials Starter Pack

Sound Discovery - Teaching Resources: Pupil's handwriting exercise books.

Sound Discovery Handwriting Books

Sound Discovery – Front Covers: Phonics first books, The best mint of all.

Sound Discovery Decodable Texts

Sound Discovery – Front covers: Alphabet Sounds and Digraph sounds Test books.

Sound Discovery Placement Tests

Sound Discovery – Front covers: Storybooks, King Wizzit Series, The King’s ship.

Sound Discovery King Whizzit Series of Decodable Texts

Sound Discovery is the brainchild of Dr Marlynne Grant, a renowned educational psychologist whose study, ‘All children can learn to read and spell with Sound Discovery,’ has been described as the English Clackmannanshire study, and has been equally as influential on educational policy.

Rigourously tested over an 8 year period

As a well-established, full systematic, synthetic phonics programme, Sound Discovery has attracted a large number of firm advocates who have been convinced by the simple effectiveness of the programme; from individual teachers and schools to LAs and other educational bodies. Put thoroughly to the test by Marlynne over an 8-year period with real classes, Sound Discovery has produced some phenomenal results — since replicated by other teachers across the country. Marlynne’s research showed that every single child taught using Sound Discovery achieved reading and writing success, regardless of potential barriers such as gender, summer birthday, social class or having English as an additional language. Indeed, Sound Discovery has proven to be highly effective for Wave 2 and Wave 3 intervention work. 

Easy for teachers to adopt

Sound Discovery is a clear, structured programme that is easy for busy teachers and TAs to master. It prides itself on giving detailed, thorough support to teachers through its Snappy Lesson TM plans, teacher manual and wide selection of accompanying resources. It is a broad programme that looks in equal measure at teaching children to read, spell and write. It includes a wide variety of practice texts to help children develop their vocabulary and comprehension skills. It uses a handwriting strand and modelled writing to support the writing process.  Take a look at some sample pages.   |

Cost effective

Sound Discovery is a highly cost-effective option that can be used with all age groups, from the first lesson in Reception right up to adulthood. It comes with assessment and placement tests to help you place each child in your class at the right teaching level and to track their progress. And with a wide variety of kinaesthetic activities woven throughout the programme, children will enjoy their learning — especially as they start to see the results.


Sound Discovery: 
  • Is fast paced and interactive. 
  • Follows a unique and memorable structure 
  • Includes a vital handwriting strand.




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